What we do

Tabernplace is an interior design and interior products company with a brand that asserts its image in the industry with signature bold colours, energy and originality.  Our mission is to help people live in more healthy and beautiful ways. We believe in design as a powerful force for well-being and individualistic lifestyle.

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Design services

The TabernPlace design brand is dynamic and minimalistic, utilising natural elements and sustainable materials.  We believe in design as a powerful force for clients' health, well-being and individual lifestyle.

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Coverless duvets Orange and Purple and Teal12

Unique Products

TabernPlace products are unique and inspired by the colours and patterns of Africa.  Our products are sourced from natural and sustainable fabrics and materials, and are hand-made, or produced in limited editions. Available to buy at TabernPlace Shop.

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Social impact

As global poverty is one of the very worst problems that the world faces today, I am passionate about social justice and work with like-minded people to address economic inequality through hands on interventions.

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