Bar stools and tables


Business Model;

Operating an integrated business model of providing a collection of stunning interior collection, an interior design service and property investment analysis - in partnership with investors, Tabernplace aims to deliver exceptional services and products to clients.

We use creative and inventive design to deliver unique solutions to real life challenges for clients. We thoughtfully design schemes that bring the best out of every living space using creative and innovative ideas to enhance and harmonise spaces.


Tabernplace's brand is to break away from design norms and to transform clients living spaces using unique creative and innovative ideas.


Our mission is to continually evolve in our products and services in order to meet growing clients' expectations and strive to deliver more than their expectations.

We aim to achieve these through the delivery of excellent services and products, and to ensure;

  • Effective analysis of clients’ psychological, social and economic needs,  
  • Continuous communication and engagement with clients throughout work process,  
  • Recommendation of the best creative options and solutions with regards to clients' own needs, strategies and aspirations.
  • Delivery of excellent outcomes that are of utmost benefit to clients.
  • Measurement of clients satisfaction through a review and analysis of completed projects.

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