Innovative Designs for Wellbeing and Lifestyle Choices

Tabern Place design provides clients with experiences that appeal to their sense of wellbeing and lifestyle choices. We undertake analysis of clients' needs and incorporate their aesthetics, functional and psychological requirements into (their) design schemes.

Our design style is contemporary and minimalistic.  We use clean lines, colours and space saving techniques in our design schemes - creating visual and spatial relationships with various design elements. 

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Tabern Place Collections

Tabern Place products are stylish collection of unusual home accessories finds and art works that are hand-made or exclusively sourced from small and medium entrepreneurs from around the world.

Our products are innovative and provide clients with alternatives to the norms.  We create an impressive range of products, including duvets, beanbags, beddings, cushions, arts, multifuction furniture and soft furnishing pieces, etc.  

Our products are environmentally friendly and designed to provide clients with various home and lifestyle solutions - including storage solutions for small space living, multifunction furniture pieces, colourful soft furnishing and art pieces sourced from local businesses, etc.

Excellent Customer Experience

We create distinctive experiences of health, happiness, and prosperity for our clients.  

We make customer care and customer satisfaction the centerpiece of our business. 

We constantly gather tremendous amount of detail about individual customer touchpoints in order to continue to deliver high-value and customised experiences.