Creative Lifestyle Design Concept.


Tabern Place is a London based firm specialising in creative lifestyle design specific to individuals, families or businesses.  We incorporate clients' aesthetics, functional and psychological requirements into the design concept - providing fit for purpose results.  

We design unique and unusual products that appeal to consumers' desirable lifestyle - particularly for small space living.  The firm collaborates with small and medium entrepreneurs across the world (particularly in Europe and Africa), offering opportunities to improve their trading conditions, social and environmental standards.

Tabern Place strives to develop spaces and products that are innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Customer Experience and Sustainability.


Tabern Place provides a distinctive experience for customers, making customer care and customer satisfaction the centerpiece of our business.  The firm focuses on gathering a tremendous amount of detail about individual customer touchpoints in order to deliver high-value, customised experience.

The Tabern Place brand supplements traditional attribute such as quality, with lifestyle values including sustainability and responsible sourcing of materials.  We will provide highlights of individual products, emphasising where the use of renewable and organic materials have been applied - as part of our contribution to lessen the environmental impact of production processes.