Welcome to TabernPlace

Designs for Health and Wellbeing: TabernPlace's mission is to help people live in more healthy and beautiful ways so they can have good quality lifestyle.  The design is focussed on the use of vibrant and mood boosting colours, natural light and uncluttered spaces, which have been found to enhance moods, and influence our health and physiological reactions.

Utilising vibrant colours: At TabernPlace, we make important decisions on how colours might be used to modify the interior space - with regards to their apparent size, shape, scale and distance. The psychology of colour strongly supports the theory that colour can change the way we feel and we can use colour to encourage certain energies or emotions in our space.

Maximising natural light: Introducing sunlight into interior space can reduce the dependency on electric lighting, which in turn reduces energy use. TabernPlace design philosophy is to maximise natural light while minimising the problems associated with it - such as glare from direct sunlight.

Mood-boosting soft furnishings: Furnishings are wholly within the realm of interior design - unlike other elements such as walls, floors, etc which are established in the architectural design of a building. They make the interiors habitable by providing comfort and they enhance our wellbeing when introduced in appropriate colours.