Contemporary and Innovative Designs for Well-being and Lifestyles

Tabern Place provides contemporary and minimalistic designs to suit clients' well-being and lifestyles.  We use clean lines, colours and space saving techniques in our design schemes - creating visual and spatial relationships with various design elements.  

We undertake analysis of clients' needs and we incorporate their aesthetics, functional and psychological requirements into design concepts - to deliver fit for purpose results.

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Tabern Place Collections

Tabern Place products are stylish and innovative collection of unusual home accessories - that provide clients with alternatives to the norm.  We create an impressive range of products, including duvets, beanbags, beddings, cushions, arts, etc.  

Our products are environmentally sustainable and designed to provide clients with storage solutions for small space living including other day to day living.  

Excellent Customer Experience

We provide a distinctive experience for customers, making customer care and customer satisfaction the centerpiece of our business. We undertake requirement analysis to ensure we accurately meet clients' aethetics and psychological needs - impacting on their well-being and lifestyles.

We constantly gather tremendous amount of detail about individual customer touchpoints in order to deliver a high-value, customised experience.