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Women and interior design skills

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Are women inherently blessed with interior design skills?

I was watching a programme on Netflix the other day and a guy mentioned that all women think they are interior designers.  Being an interior designer myself, I find the statement quite interesting and decided to write an article about it on my blog.

Speaking from my own experience, as well as from the perspective of a designer, I disagree with this opinion.  However, I believe that most women have good knowledge of what they want their homes to look like.  Since homes are really the extension of our personality and lifestyle, tastes tend to vary.  Design styles are individualistic and tailored to the needs of the family.

Motherhood with Regina Rose

My personal experience

As a little girl, growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, I remembered my mother exhibited good design skills on many occasions. I recall a few instances when we move home or redecorate.  She would ask our opinions on the choice of furniture, paint colour, etc.  Of course, one can now liken this to ‘taking the brief’ in a professional design setting.  She would ensure that the final outcome is acceptable to most, if not all members of the family.  Her flamboyant fashion style did reflect on her design style, of which I inherited quite happily.

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In other instances, my sisters, in their own distinct ways, made choices that suit their lifestyle and functional requirements.  For instance, while one sister likes large paintings hanging on her wall, another sister would not consider the idea.  And as one sister is a bookworm and fills her home with books, another is interested in displaying ornamental wares in a glass cabinet.

The concept of evolving design

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I believe my design style before I became an interior designer was quite disjointed.  Lacking in the skills to connect different pieces of furniture items in a design scheme, I practically purchased any item I like.  And later struggle to fit them in with my existing scheme.  Now, with hindsight, I would have preferred that I apply the concept of an evolving design.  This concept (made up by me) encourages you to take time to create the design style you want for your home.  Ensuring that it is family-centric, suits your lifestyle, health, and well-being – even if this takes months or years.

My conclusion is that this is very subjective.  There is no definite Yes or No answer to whether women are inherently blessed with interior design skills.

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