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The adire floor cushion

Kid's Square bean bag


With space being the biggest issue in modern day living in the UK, at TabernPlace, our products are designed to look at how best to combine aesthtics with functionality in living or work spaces.  These floor cushions come with unique design and style for an additional seat as well as providing storage solutions for children’s soft toys, clothings, etc.  You can also up-cycle your old pillows, cushions and duvets by using them as fillings.

The top fabrics are hand-dyed indigo resist cotton called Adire – originated and ethically made in Yorubaland, the south-western region of Nigeria by small scale entrepreneurs.  The adire-making trade is very popular and contributes a great deal to the economic and social development of the region.  The process of resist-dyeing involves creating a pattern by treating certain parts of the fabric in some way to prevent them absorbing dye.  The  backing fabrics are sturdy, family-friendly fabrics that can withstand everyday use. 

Inner bags are included to contain children’s toys or your preferred fillings.


Bean bag with toys storage


They come in different designs and colours,  each carefully crafted and hand-dyed with various colours and patterns.  Suitable for spot clean or dry clean.

Available to buy at Tabern Place Etsy store.

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