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    Moods and colours in interior design

    If you are passionate about using colours to design your interiors, particularly when choosing the right paint for the walls, but cautious about how the outcome may turn out, then you already understand how colour works in interior design. Light and background effect Light, as well as the juxtaposition of the surrounding or background colour of an object (or surface), affect the moods created in interior spaces. The science of physics informs us that colour is a property of light, without light, colours do not exist. The colour we attribute to an object is dependent on which wavelength of lights are absorbed or reflected by the object.  So, it helps…

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    The making of Blooms coverless duvets

    Blooms duvets are a collection of premium, high quality duvets - filled with smooth hypo-allergenic breathable micro-fibre, which means they feel wonderfully soft, light and cosy.  The microfibre filling means they are machine washable.  The duvets are encased in 100 per cent cotton fabric with 200 thread count, which also means they are durable.  The 10.5 tog duvet makes a stylish addition to any home. Whether using as your duvet, in the guest bedroom or as a comforter for cosy nights spent on the couch, the 10.5 tog medium weight makes it perfect for all  year-round warmth. The aesthetic diamond design on the duvets was painstakingly planned to make them…

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    Blooms premium coverless duvets

    If you are looking for a duvet that’s ultra-soft and super light with added warmth and radiance, you will absolutely love the feel of our Blooms coverless duvets. Blooms premium coverless duvets are a convenient deviation from the norms that come with using traditional duvets. Just pop Blooms in the washing machine when ready to refresh or drop off at the dry-cleaner's if preferred. Whatever the option, Blooms duvets are guaranteed to make life easier! Imagine a duvet that hardly needs duvet cover not to mention the time saved putting the covers on. Blooms washable and coverless duvets are sufficient on their own without the duvet covers. No more struggling…

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    Living in small spaces

    Living in small spaces can be an advantage, if one looks at it from the financial and environmental perspectives.  First it enables you to fill your home with those things that you do need - by limiting the available space.  It also ensures that you spend less to heat up your small space in winter. The first thing to do when planning to design a small space is to know your home and work out how much living space is available to you.  This will help to give a holistic and clear picture of what constitutes as priorities and essentials - in terms of furnitures and other items. In addition,…

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    Tips on colour relationships

    The relationship between colours is illustrated in the colour wheel (shown below). The two key relationships involve the opposite and adjacent colours which are defined by complementary and harmonious colours. Complementary colours are those situated directly opposite each other on the colour wheel: red/green, blue/orange and yellow/violet. When combined, these colours become more vibrant and are often used in commercial settings or dramatic residential schemes for bold designs. Harmonious or analogous colours sit beside each other on the colour wheel. These colours work well together and create an image which is pleasing to the eye. Harmonious colour scheme uses three to five colours that are beside each other on the…