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The Tabern story

About Me

I am a consultant, a designer and an advocate for social justice.  I started my business in 2017, following my youngest daughter’s twelfth birthday - when I felt she was a bit independent.  As a single mother, it was important for me to ensure that I was 100 percent available for my kids when they were younger.

A restaurant design with 2D and 3D drawings

Restaurant floor plan

Design Inspiration

I have always loved the deep and mood-boosting colours of the tropics.  Born and raised in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, I grew up surrounded by bold colours, rich cultures, and unique patterns. The lifestyle in Lagos is all about sustainability, a holistic approach to wellbeing, and an emphasis on natural materials.  I knew I had to incorporate my passion for colours and natural materials into my design brand.  Particularly when the style is lacking in the design industries of the West.  So I made it my mission to create innovative designs and products that are inspired by the colours and ethnic cultures of Africa. TabernPlace products are unique and very different from the norm.

Perspective drawing of restaurant

Design Brand

The TabernPlace brand asserts its image with signature bold colours, energy and originality.  The products are luxurious and exceptional, inspired by the African culture, nature and the tropical mood-boosting colours.


As an advocate for clean environment, I utilise environmentally friendly materials for many of my products.  And with many of my products hand-made or produced in limited quantity, I patronise small and medium entrepreneurs in the making of the products.

Blooms luxury duvet collection in mood-boosting colours

Adire cushion covers from the South-west of Nigeria

Large ‘Adire’ Cushion Cover – Plum hearts2

More images

Large adire floor cushion - Forest green

Adire cushion cover

Luxury warm fuchsia coverless duvet

Blooms luxury duvet

Large ‘Adire’ Cushion Cover – Walnut Brown4

Adire cushion cover