Our sustainability vision is to create design schemes and products that deliver Net Positive impacts economically, socially and environmentally.

We believe we are in a privileged position to influence decisions on best practice and sustainability through our design advocacy.

Tabern Place operates with a supply chain of small medium entrepreneurs across the globe.  Our suppliers use a range of products and services that have the potential to lead to negative impacts. We seek to minimise these impacts and have a positive influence where possible through detailed specification of our preference for sustainable materials.

We continue to raise awareness and encourage our partners to use resources responsibly and engage in sustainable lifestyles.

The following are our contribution through our business activities

  • Procure contractors based on overall value, rather than cost alone – incorporating our sustainable specification aspirations within our briefs.
  • Take into account environmental impacts when specifying products – ensuring that adequate due diligence processes is put into place for any materials sourced from any part of the world.
  • Provide customers with information on sustainability features relevant to their home and community.
  • Require suppliers of goods to ensure that slavery and human trafficking does not take place within their supply chain.
  • Review the sustainability credentials of materials and their suppliers as part of the procurement process – giving preference to materials which:
    • Have a low environmental impact.
    • Have a high recycled content or can be re-used.
    • Help to mitigate issues such as climate change, ecological damage, waste production and water scarcity.
    • Have recognised sustainability ratings, such as energy efficient appliances.
  • Reduce operational carbon emissions and continue to be carbon positive.