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Shades of green

Colour, like shape and texture, is an important visual element in interior space.  We are surrounded by colours in our environmental settings and they influence our moods, health and well-being.

Green is prominent in most natural settings as seen in the picture below, of a game reserve in Nairobi.  Green is also associated with healing and harmony.  The serene beauty (below) of the hill, the sky and the wildlife, is calming and restful to the eye.  The green colour identifies with other calming natural images such as; misty green islands, rain forests, immaculately mown lawn, plants, flowers, etc.  Their sheer natural beauty takes one's breath away.

Kenya Scene23

In the tropics, fabrics patterns and prints are popular in the fashion and interior design industries.  In most cases, these have some inner meanings that are deep-rooted in the culture of the people.  The fabrics of the cushion in the image, known as 'adire' are hand-made tye and dye fabrics that originated from Abeokuta, a town in the South-western part of Nigeria.

Other popular African fabric that are featured in my collection include 'aso-oke', a hand-woven fabric also made in Nigeria by the Yoruba people (in the Southern area of the country).  And the 'ankara', the lovely cotton prints, popular with West African countries.

My aim is to use dynamic colours in my design work and collection of products to help boost the moods of my clients.  Colours, as mentioned earlier play a pivotal role in our health and well-being.

Below are my current collection of products in rich green colours.  Visit the All Products page to see more of my collection.

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