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Tabern Place Collection

Tabern Place products are stylish collection of unusual home accessories finds and art works, all hand-made or exclusively sourced from small scale businesses from around the world - mostly the UK, Europe and Africa.  These include exquisitely designed and colourful cushions, duvets, pillows, beddings, art work, etc.  

In addition, we can provide customers with personalised soft furnishings based on their requirements - such as different designs and colour combinations of products, engraved beddings, towels, robes, bathroom mats, blankets, etc of different shapes and colours.  We work with design partners to provide personalised soft furnishings for clubs, restaurants, hotels, yatchs, etc.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.  

We use 100 per cent environmentally materials that are biodegradable for our products. Our products exhibit our intriguing and creative work in exquisite colours with naturally-sourced materials - using 100 percent cotton or organic fabrics and fillings.  These include 100 per cent quality Italian cotton and African fabrics, natural fillings, as well as recyclable, reusable, non-toxic packaging materials.  By partnering with small scale businesses, we  contribute a great deal towards the economic and social development of the local regions where our products and materials are sourced.  We ensure, as top priority, that our local partners embed quality and sustainability into their processes.

Below are samples of our products.   Link to our Etsy Store.

Kid's Square bean bag