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Mothers and inspirations

Motherhood with Regina Rose

Mothers and inspirations

Mothers and inspirations: Our mothers inspire us right from when we were toddlers.  We often watch them in awe as they dress up, make up, cook, etc.  And these actions do impact on our thinking and aspirations.  My mum, Regina Rose was very dynamic and a leader among her peers.  As a business woman, she successfully combined the task of raising five children with running a business.

Like most mothers of her era, she inspired me to love and to be independent.

The 80s African fashion style

Motherhood with Regina Rose


Mum's photo2

The 1980's African fashion style

Mothers and inspirations: The Nigerian (and African) fashion style of the 1980s has always inspired me.  Watching my mum's pictures of when she was younger bring back the memories of my childhood.  The vibrant colours and textures of the fabric are predominantly African culture / motif designs.

I therefore want to recreate the styles and incorporate them into my interior design style.  In order to ensure they have a place in the current design ecosystem - which is predominantly western.

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