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TabernPlace Minimalistic Design London

Minimalistic design for wellbeing

Designs that connect us to nature

A simple and minimalistic design scheme that takes advantage of the natural elements of light available within its surroundings.  Interiors that connect us to nature have proven to inspire us, boost our productivity and even contribute to a stronger sense of well-being.

The maisonette, with its greenbelt location, provides the opportunity to connect with the outdoor space.  Creating a light-filled space in all the rooms. The goal was to open it up and maximise the natural light and take advantage of the expansive views within the surrounding area.  The natural light is optimised using sheer curtains and blinds, providing a spectacular view of the greenbelt outside. The African leather beanbags, handmade in the Northern region of Nigeria, also add some dynamism to the scheme.  Below, a landing area doubles as home office - demonstrating a clever use of space.

Inspired by the natural elements of light and the greenbelt within its surrounding, the interior has an overall clean, crisp and natural feel.  The natural light is enhanced with the use of furniture that allows air and light to pass through.  The result is a simple and highly original interior that blends harmoniously with the scenery, and marrying modern furnishings with the finest natural materials.

The interior also features our mood boosting and colourful Blooms coverless duvets and Adire cushions.  Available to buy at our Etsy store.