Interiors for Health and Wellbeing

Our mission at TabernPlace is to help people live in more healthy and beautiful ways so they can have good quality lifestyle. We have a commitment to deliver high quality and professional services to our diverse range of customers, based on their requirements.

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TabernPlace designs are smart, bold, energetic, and original. We optimise design elements of natural light, colours and space management to meet the aesthetic and psychological requirements of clients.

At TabernPlace, our design style focusses on using design elements to enhance clients' health and wellbeing.  We promote minimalistic interiors that create a light-filled space.

Design Tips

A minimalistic design that connects to nature: a simple and minimalistic design scheme that takes advantage of the natural elements of light available within its surroundings.  Interiors that connect us to nature have proven to inspire us, boost our productivity and even contribute to a stronger sense of well-being. Click here to see more.

Compact kitchen design: this design strategy makes the best of limited space to plan a compact kitchen design for easy living. The kitchen design scheme is sleek and sustainable with a grey expression. The high glossy kitchen cabinets with the matching grey composite sink give the space a smart and sleek style. Click here to see more.

Modern small bathroom design: this modern small bathroom design scheme utilised a mix and match closed and opened storage units. Keeping your hygiene and beauty items hidden, but close at hand, for an uncluttered and minimalistic look.  The result is a stylish, streamlined, and serene bathroom.  Click here to see more.