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Choosing the right colours for your design projects

Colourful side tables

Colours are associated with emotions and they have different personal, cultural and psychological meanings across the world.

In choosing the right colour for your living space, ensure you plan the mood and goal you want to achieve for your project well in advance to avoid making mistakes.  Research by looking at interior magazines and online interior websites that are of interest to you.   Once you have determined your choice of colour and pattern, write this down in your planner along with other design plans of your choice. Make sure you have chosen the right colour that expresses the mood you want to create for your space.  Some sample colours and the moods they create are given below;

  • Traditional colours are the rich shades of greens, browns and earthy orange.  These colours evoke a sense of history and age. They have a rather masculine edge as you will often see them used in men’s fashion ensemble.
  • Regal or royal colours are the deep shades of purple, blue-violet with silver and gold to add some sparkle.  These colours create the mood of sensuous richness to living space.
  • Romantic colours are the pinks and deep reds.  These are warm colours that create the right mood for love and friendship.  People are easily drawn by these colours as they attract attention.
  • Magical colours are purples, lilacs, gold, silver and deep yellows.  These are fascinating and powerful, evoking vibrance and energy into living space.

You can enhance your design better by matching your chosen colour(s) with other colour schemes, or combine with other elements and accessories – such as lighting, fabrics, wall decoration, etc.

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