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Design lifestyle – making choices

Lagos Beach

Design lifestyle - making choices

Design lifestyle - making choices.  Like most things in life, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all.   Everyone should focus on their specific individual needs which suits them and their lifestyle choices, rather than follow current trends.

Our homes should reflect who we are and be filled with things that make us happy.  We should not resort to settling for the status quo or the revolution, but endeavour to find the solution that pleases us.  In designing our homes, we should take the time to plan and execute and not rush through the process.  There are many times when I had regretted the choices I made in purchasing certain furniture items.  So I have learned to control my impulse and take my time to make even the most simple decisions.

The TabernPlace design style is focused on implementing design schemes that suit client's lifestyle and well-being.  I therefore take a holistic approach in my design style.  Especially undertaking analysis of the interior as well as the people.  Similarly, my products are never designed for the masses.  I always consider the individualistic needs and how things could be done differently to make life better for people.

TabernPlace products are quality statement pieces produced in limited quantities.  Ideal for customers who are looking for something different.

TabernPlace interior products include Blooms coverless duvets in vibrant colours and adire cushion covers.  These are available to purchase at TabernPlace Etsy shop.

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