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Colours and interiors

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Colours and interiors

Colours and interiors are vital elements in interior design and need to collaborate to achieve good results.  Colour, like shape and texture, is an important visual element in interior space.  And as we are surrounded by colours in our environmental settings, they tend to affect how we feel and behave.  Which explains why colours have been found to influence our moods, health and well-being.

Below are tips on what the colours green, blue and red represent.

Green is associated with healing, tranquility and harmony.  And because of its prominence in nature, green colour schemes (the cooler shades) tend to be restful to the eye.  The landscape image below looks very refreshing because of the combined colours of the green grass, blue sky and the contrasting black and white colours of the zebras.

Classic blue colour schemes project a sense of calm and tradition.  This explains why the calm shades of blue are popular choices for decorating bedrooms, living rooms and hospitals.  In its royal blue hue, blue colour schemes imply power.

Red, on the other hand is lively, youthful and exuberant.  The colour schemes of red are therefore cheerful and make one feels warm and energetic.  This explains why the colour is prominent in hospitality settings because of its projection of warmth.

Kenya Scene23

Colours and interiors - the African style

In Africa, fabric patterns and prints in vibrant colours are popular in the fashion and interior design industries.  And in most cases, these have meanings that are deep-rooted in the culture of the African people.  Local fabrics, such as the cushion fabric in the image below, known as 'adire' - are hand-made tie and dye fabrics that originated from Abeokuta, a town in the South-western part of Nigeria.

Another African fabric that always features in my collection is 'aso-oke'.  This is a hand-woven fabric that is also popular in Nigeria among the Yoruba people.  'Ankara' fabrics are 100 per cent waxed cotton fabric with vibrant colours, patterns and prints. - which are also popular  All these fabrics are colourful and are associated with the African culture because of their tribal-like patterns and motifs.

I like using the African colours, prints and patterns for my products.  This is because they help to introduce mood boosting colours into interior spaces.  In addition, they provide the opportunity to introduce the African design style into the current design ecosystem.

TabernPlace design style is focused on reflecting happiness with the use of colours, energy and originality.

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