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Blooms premium coverless duvets

If you are looking for a duvet that’s ultra-soft and super light with added warmth and radiance, you will absolutely love the feel of our Blooms premium coverless duvets.

Blooms premium coverless duvets are a convenient deviation from the norms that come with using traditional duvets. Just pop Blooms in the washing machine when ready to refresh or drop off at the dry-cleaner's if preferred. Whatever the option, Blooms duvets are guaranteed to make life easier!

Imagine a duvet that hardly needs duvet cover not to mention the time saved putting the covers on. Blooms washable and coverless duvets are sufficient on their own without the duvet covers.

No more struggling to change the bedding!  Blooms duvet fits easily into your washing machine and dried very quickly on the washing line.  Please note that the large size duvets will most likely fit into large washing machines.

Blooms duvets are available to buy from the TabernPlace Etsy shop.

Do contact us if you require more information