Mission statement – Tabern Place's mission is to create distinctive experiences for our customers.

Vision statement – Our vision is to establish a differential position in the interior design industry for customers' wellbeing and lifestyle choices.

Value statement – We make customer care and customer satisfaction the centrepiece of our business.  We are committed to a sustainable future and to improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of small and medium entrepreneurs through fair patronage of their businesses.

Core values - our values include customer commitment, providing quality and innovative products and services, sustainability and environmentally friendly approaches to our business.


Our Services and Products

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Restaurant fllor plan
2D Plan of a restaurant

Design Consultancy: Tabern Place offers contemporary and innovative design services that meet clients' functional, aesthetics and psychological requirements. Our design concepts focus on structuring client's space to align with their well-being and lifestyles.

We provide design solutions for small and awkward shaped spaces.  We can maximise clients' available space to create spatial relationships and develop multifunctional areas.  

We skilfully guide clients through the design process, from CAD drawings to project delivery.  

Innovative Products: We create an impressive range of products, including bespoke services - customised beddings, duvets, beanbags, cushions, arts, etc.

Our products are environmentally sustainable and designed to provide clients with storage solutions for small space living including other day to day living.   At Tabern Place, we aim to eliminate the unnecessary hassles, and to bring comfort, style and orderliness to clients' spaces.   

Tabern Place products are carefully sourced from a wide range of small and medium entrepreneurs. 

Hand-dyed African bean bag Blue