Our mission at TabernPlace is to help people live in more healthy and beautiful ways

At TabernPlace, our mission is to help people live in more healthy and beautiful ways so they can have good quality lifestyle.  Our design philosophy is focussed on clever utilisation of colours, natural light and a minimalistic approach to design.  The theory of colours have been found to affect our health and emotions, as with natural light and uncluttered space.  We ensure that our design schemes are fit for purpose and solution-oriented. TabernPlace promotes minimalism design styles, which have been found to contribute to good health and wellbeing.

Our products include the luxurious Blooms duvets, quality beddings, African fabric cushions and other premium home decors.

At TabernPlace, we adopt a person-centric approach to ensure that clients' requirements are met.   Contact us to discuss your design requirements.

Social impact: TabernPlace, works with like-minded people to address economic inequality through hands-on interventions and innovative projects in disadvantaged communities.

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