Tabernplace is a North London-based firm that provides consultancy, design and property services to homeowners and commercial organisations.  We use creative and inventive design to solve real life challenges for our customers.

Our vision is to continually evolve in order to meet growing clients' expectations and deliver fit for purpose outcomes.

We aim to deliver customers' satisfaction through excellent services and products that are beneficial and fit for purpose - in the following ways; 

1. Analyse customers psychological, social and economic needs,  

2. Continually communicate and engage with customers throughout the work process,  

3. Recommend possible creative options and solutions, considering the customers' own needs, strategies and aspirations.

4. Deliver excellent project outcomes that are of utmost beneficial to the our customers.

5. Review and analyse projects with customers to measure satisfaction and expected outcomes.

About Me

A Design Consultant and Property Analyst, providing excellent services to homeowners and commercial organisations. Extremely passionate about delivering the best for customers and in order to meet their expectations.   Several years experience in analytic problem solving, project management and customer services in public and private sector organisations. 

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