Tabernplace is a North London-based firm specialising in strategic space planning, interior design and property services for commercial and residential organisations, events, exhibitions, etc. 

Tabernplace's vision is to make clients happy by delivering services and products that are fit for purpose as well as meets their expectations. This is achieved by working closely with clients to;  

1. Analyse their psychological, social and economic needs,  

2. Continually communicate and engage with clients throughout the work process,  

3. Deliver excellent outcomes that are beneficial and fit for purpose.

About Me

My name is Abi and I manage Tabernplace UK Limited.  I am passionate about delivering the best for clients.  I have several years of experience of analysing problems in order to deliver fit for purpose solutions for customers and stakeholders.

Our design process involves providing clients with options and recommendations to help them make the best decision for their interior space and property.  We believe that the outcomes from space planning, choice of style, colour, furniture, etc ought to yield a life-enhancing benefit for the client.

I have excellent analytical, customer relations, project management skills (with working knowledge of Prince2) and a good record of delivering successful project outcomes.  I always factor business and customer analysis into all projects to ensure that customer expectations are met.  Visit my Facebook and Linkedin pages for more information about me.