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About TabernPlace

About TabernPlace

The TabernPlace brand, which promotes vibrant colours, ethnic patterns and prints is reflected in the range of unique products we offer to our customers. We run a small business that provides unique and premium products in limited quantities - simply because we like flexibility and the ability to evolve and adapt our products - with changing customer tastes.

We introduced the Blooms coverless duvet collection, which is a range of funky colours, washable, coverless duvets, in single, double and king sizes. We also stock large floor cushions made with tie and dye (adire) patterns, tie and dye large tote bags, African print backpacks, etc.

We use deep rich colours that are mood-boosting for our range of products - which everyone will agree, is very much a welcome idea, to help boost our gloomy winter moods.

We are very excited to incorporate authentic, ethnic and traditional African twist in our products - including the likes of African cotton prints, adire (tie and dyes), etc.   We love the bubbly looks and feel that these bring to our brand.